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I'm not the monogamous sort

Not when it comes to knitting projects.

So last night, instead of working on one of my existing knitting projects or cleaning something, I decided to cast on for something new. A little while ago I bought a little pop-up kitty tent, big enough for both of them if they curled up (and were inclined to share anything), or for one to stretch out a bit to sleep. Trouble is, it's a very thin synthetic fabric, and they're not inclined to sleep in it at all. They explore it now and then, but I couldn't say they're exactly excited to stick around. It smells funny, you see, which seems to both attract and repel them. Naturally, I'm convinced that all they need is a little bit of cushion for the bottom. Something nice to sleep on when the floor is chilly (I know that carpet doesn't get very chilly, but work with me, people). They love to sit on my knitting.....AHAH, I HAS AN IDEAR.

A few months ago during a chilly trip up to Nyte's parents' house, his mom gave me bags and bags of old yarn leftover from her mother's and grandmother's stashes. Old, old stuff, from the Era Of Scratchy, Hard-Wearing Yarns. Back when the "good stuff" was the scratchiest, because it lasted longer. When "orlon" (nylon) and acrylic hit the market, they had the same feel for the simple fact that knitters equated that texture with long wear and good quality. A lot of that has changed now, so let's not start with the synthetic-hate for the time being; there are communities for that sort of thing, y'all hear?

The result of this acquisition (which I totally didn't need, and OH GOD THE COLORS, but it's yarn, and I cannot say no to free yarn) is an eye-searing amalgam of solid itch. There's no way I could make a sweater out of this, even if I had enough colors for a whole one, and that goes double for hats and mittens and scarves. A blanket might be doable, but I have much softer yarn already destined for blankethood. What to do with this (because I don't think I could bring myself to give it away, ugly as it is)? Why....make something for people without skin.

Or rather, people with fur. Colorblind people with fur.


So, I grabbed some skeins (labels? What labels?) and held them double-stranded, and am now in the process of wonky-log-cabin-ing a little blankie for their tent. I think I'll use the scratchy (but sturdy and warm) stuff for the bottom, and then whip-stitch or cro-Kay another layer on made of the same stuff I used for Amelia's Pinwheel blanket, doubled and perhaps stranded with some leftover TLC. Something cushy and squishy and verra nice. Already I have a 10x10-inch square of garter stitch, in Christmas red and green. Next up: avacado and black. Oooh, baby. Eye-searing won't be strong enough of a descriptor pretty soon.

Then today at work, I knitted a few inches of Pillar Stitch in the oatmeal, and printed off a few more patterns for the other squares. I bet I could finish the white ones this weekend and get a solid start on the brown. I bet I could do even better if I don't play board games Saturday, and instead stay home and knit and clean. It may not be quite as fun, but I bet I could even get into the pinks by Sunday if I did that. And then, perhaps hint that if Maggie doesn't feel she has the time to do 12 squares, offer to do some of hers. Or maybe I should start blocking mine. I guess I could block stuff.

Maybe after that, and once the kitty mat is finished, I could start on the Dizzy Rug for the kitchen, to put under my tired feet when I'm washing dishes. Something bright and happy. And heavily backed with that rubber stuff.

...maybe I should start that NOW.