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Well, crap.

So, the solitary square has a middle, a top, and one side. And it is way, way too big. Okay, maybe not WAY too big, but with cables and a bit of garter stitch, you'd think there'd be a bit of blocking room even with only 25% wool, right? Well, unblocked this sucker is about 10x11 already, and it's still missing two sides.

Le sigh.

Not only that, but I've used up half of one color, and there are only four colors. Assuming we get one square per skein, that's still only sixteen, possibly eighteen squares if we use my leftover Encore from the OSSP(2). 10x10 inch squares, but still. We were hoping for so much more than that.

The solution, then, is to rip out the square I've done and try something that doesn't use up as much yarn, as cabling is notorious for doing. Some sort of slip-stitch lace or simple textured patterns. Nothing that's going to distort the fabric the way the cables will. I may even make another square out of the extra Encore with only one strand, and the appropriately-sized needles, just to compare yarn consumption.

I thought I'd be far more upset about ripping out that square, but to be honest, I'm kind of glad. It didn't really take that much time, and it looks awful (well....I think so). I'd rather make something else of it anyway. But I'll take pictures, first. High time I did, ne?