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Put Your Head On My Needles

The good news is, I'm knitting again. I've finished two dishcloths and am well on my way to a third, in the mindset that simple knitting will ease me into the process again. I can do it at work, and that seems to help get me into the habit of knitting again. They're simple ballband dishcloths, which I've done a number of before and shall continue to do, except that these are for me, myself, and I. I'm keeping these babies, and so I can do whatever I want and make them as fussy or ugly or pretty as I want.

The bad news is, knitting at home on things I should be knitting on is still sort of limping sluggishly, if one could even call it moving at all. I haven't touched the OSSP(2), and it may in fact be trying to weasel its way between the couch cushions in well-deserved shame.

However! I did actually make some progress on the SSP, yay! And by "progress" I mean, of course, "taking the yarn out of the trunk of my car where it has been these past few months and brought it into the house, swatched an inch of garter stitch on size 11 needles and measured, then ripped it all out and put it down again." But it's something, and I'm counting it.

I would have gotten a good deal more done yesterday night, settling in with a big pot of tea and a night of Ghost Hunters reruns. Wednesdays are usually great nights for knitting in my house, largely because I like the ghost-chasey shows and the psychic detective shows that run on CourtTv until the wee hours of the morning, and they re-use so much of the same visual footage that without knitting to multitask with, I generally can't sit through a whole episode. That same re-using of footage means that when I hear a particularly excited voice, I can look up and catch whatever flashy-floaty-shadowy whatever that is the one piece of evidence the world has been searching for to prove the existence of Other Worlds Beyond Any Doubt. Y'all know.

Unfortunately, about twenty minutes into my gauge swatch on 13's, my stomach felt funny. Not angry, just....funny. It didn't get any better, and I stretched out on the couch to give it a chance to fix itself. Next thing I knew it was 11:30 and the Mythbusters were blowing up Christmas trees. Sadly, the same thing happened yesterday evening (only without the icky tummy or the Mythbusters), and while I know I do need sleep, I resent the lack of getting things done. Because really, not even getting through my gauge swatch? That's sad. That's so very sad.

I can tell now that these squares are going to fly. As long as I can find enough different patterns for the inside of the squares, there should be no problem at all whipping through them. Encore held doubled on size 11-15 needles (I'll figure out which one eventually) is very thick, and very cushy, and perfect for the SSP. Trust me.

In the meantime, I will enjoy the cool weather (under 75 F for late July? Scandalous!) and hopefully manage to stay awake long enough this evening to finish a freaking swatch. We don't want to anger the Muse of Knitting, so we shall swatch away like Good Little Knitters, and measure, and measure again, and perhaps wash the swatch and see how it goes. I've never done that before. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea. Maybe I could change my free-spirited ways and get orthopedic inserts for my sneakers and always chew my food twenty-six times before swallowing and watch my sodium intake and stick thermometers into all my cooked meat to be sure it really is done.

Or, I could fly by the seat of my pants like I always do, and fix it if it doesn't work out the way I think it will. I mean, all that work...kind of takes the spontenaity out of the relationship with your project-in-progress, doesn't it? It's too new, I think, to put it through the rigors of checking and double-checking and triple-checking. Too early to buy the ring, if you know what I mean. Let's keep some mystery between us, some anticipation, some of that wiggly-tingly stuff in your stomach when you're finally alone together....yes, let's let the romance stew.