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Socks, socks, and more socks!

On the knitting front, I have largely finished Nyte's gray socks, YAY!!!!!! I re-knit the one heel and before I weave in all the ends and cut them, I'm going to wash them up with some shampoo and conditioner (wool is sheep hair, dontchaknow, and this stuff could use a little Pantene) and see if they shrink/bloom/grow/whatevs. (Trekking XXL, by-the-by.)

So, you know how I was all set to knit up my Knitpicks Memories sock yarn (sorry about the random link, but Knitpicks no longer carries Memories, so until I post up my own pic, this will have to do.) in the S'mores colorway using the Monkey sock pattern? Now, I love Cookie's sock patterns and all (is not that curvy rib on the pink sock just the dog's bollocks?), but this just wasn't doing it for me. It wasn't the pattern, it's the yarn itself. S'mores happens to have very short runs of color, about 8 inches for each, and there are four colors. Graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate and ash (because who doesn't burn theirs sometimes?). I love the color combo, and I love the way it looks in the skein and the ball, but the twisted rib cuff and that particular lace pattern resulted in a weird sort of tweedy effect. For a different color set, a different yarn, this would be perfectly acceptable. Pretty much every other skein of sock yarn I have, actually, would be perfectly fine. But my S'mores, no...they must pool. They must blend smoothly. They must flow.

Now, you can change your pooling results by going up or down a few needle sizes, fudging your stitch count up or down a bit - basically changing your gauge so that the colors fall just slightly differently and perhaps do something you like. But with socks, there's only so much you can do. Your foot is only as big as it is, and everyone likes their socks to be a certain way; snug on the instep, cushy on the sole, perfectly fitted to one's mutant toes, short and fitted in the ankle or as close to knee-high and trampy as humanly possible, to name a few options. When you add lace patterns into the mix, especially 16-stitch and 11-row lace patterns, well...your options of gauge-fudging decrease by a whole bunch more.

So, I'm sorry, Cookie. Your pattern will have to wait for the next pair of socks. Maybe something to go to the new Mother-In-Law for Christmas, as thanks for pretty much funding our wedding, honeymoon, and the down-payment on our new car. Happily, she and I have the same shoe size, and she lives in a big drafty house that they like to keep at about 60 degrees during the winter, not to mention she's on her feet and in the cold at the family tree farm during the Christmas season, so socks will be a great gift. Perhaps I should hustle it up on those socks and get them to her before Thanksgiving, when the rush starts at the farm....

Speaking of rushes....damned if I didn't let this sit here for several hours, and now it's time to go.