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It's supposed to be October, y'all...

Just a few things:

Firstly, the shawl I began on my pre-marriage honeymoon cruise is sitting and waiting for the correct-sized needles to arrive from Knitpicks. Silly me thought that I didn't really need size 15's with a cable longer than 35 inches, or that I could at least find something when the time came. Yeah, not so much, really. The are options, of course - I could have picked up part of an Addi Turbo set, but what's the point of doing that when I already have the Knitpicks Options cables in the correct lengths? So now it sits. And waits.

And I wait. And try to work on other projects in the meantime.

And I hate them all. They aren't what I want and they don't look like I thought they would and they're too small/big/lacy/boring/stupid. I can't get the Spider's-web Shawl out of my system, with all that lovely blue-green Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light (DK weight) lushness, not until it's done. And it's so close. I've done the first set of Chart C, and need to do that four more times before I can bind off. And I can't wait.

Can't. Wait.

Secondly, I've attempted in the meantime to start at least one hat (Knitty.com's Shedir, in Rowan Calmer), an ugly cat sweater of my own design for Crazy Aunt Purl's ugly cat sweater sweepstakes, another lace project (Sampler Stole from Victorian Lace Today, in Alpaca With A Twist's Fino), and a baby sweater/pants set (from Debbie Bliss's Simply Baby, which I just picked up, in some unlabeled cotton/acrylic blend I inherited from somewhere). Shedir is sitting forlornly on my vanity with about 20 rows done, the lace project is coming up short in the stitch count area and I am cross at it, the cat sweater is largely finished except for closures and pictures, and I just began the layette set last night. Let's begin the complaints, be they warranted or imaginary:

Shedir - needles too small, not enough elasticity, makes my hands cramp up
Sampler Stole - black yarn + Knitpicks Harmony wood needles = I can't freaking see what I'm doing even in direct light
Cat sweater - whooo-boy, it's ugly all right. I don't really have the heart to put it back on the cat, and I have no idea how to close it without way too much work
Layette set - boring! Also, since I'm using stash yarn, I don't like the yarn colors. Unhappily, most of the stash yarn is in pink or blue, and we don't know what baby is going to be, so it seems silly to make anything in pink or blue. I suppose I could donate it later, but....

Thirdly, I am cranky and stressed and nothing is pleasing me, quite frankly. I am fighting the urge to pull everything out and start something new, or just start something new. My startitis has been terrible lately, as well as my stash guilt. I'm getting married in about two weeks, my car died two weeks ago and we're trying to buy a new one, and also plan for the future as far as making decisions on whether I should continue to work or not, and depending on that, how to choose a daycare provider for an infant. It's a bit much, especially with everything that's going on with work.

Fourthly, Christmas is coming up. Even though I swore up and down that nobody's getting anything knitted this Christmas except for baby, I want to make something, something for everyone. It can't be done, and I am vexed at the laws of time and space. Stupid science, bein' all inflexible. Humph. At the least I'd like to make a little baby doll for my parents, a scarf and a hat for my soon-to-be-in-laws (they've been so helpful), and possibly Christmas stockings for myself, Nyte, baby, and my parents (they don't have any stockings! Scandalous!). WTF, self.

In conclusion, I apparently think that I have the stamina and energy to knit like a fiend for the next few months instead of relaxing and enjoying what sleep I can get. Is there ever a point when one stops fighting that whole time/space continuum thing and just lets the holidays be?