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Project updates! Finally.

Normally, I can't wait to have an excuse to stay home from work. I hate working in an office, any office, and as soon as I set foot in the building all I can think about is things I want to knit, or clean/sort/organize at home. Unfortunately, when one is obligated to stay home from work because of illness (as I did the past two days), that's usually because you can't function at all. And when you can't function, you can't clean/sort/organize/knit anything. Generally, you can't do anything except sleep and stare slack-jawed at the tv. (In my case, a third option is to sneeze and blow my nose every five minutes, give or take five minutes.)

However, I was feeling well enough last night to actually find the cord to my camera and upload a few pictures onto flickr. Pictures I took some time ago, and have been promising you.

So, without further ado:

Unfinished OSSP(2):


Finished OSSP (2)


Closeup of bottom:

OSSP 2 bottom

Closeup of duplicate stitch patterns, pine tree, squirrel and acorn:

OSSP 2 pine tree

OSSP 2 squirrel nuts

As always, there are a few more pics over at my flickr account, which if you click on any of the pictures should take you right there. I'm not showing closeups of the top, simply because I could have done a better job on it and the buttons are a little wonky anyway. But you can't tell from far away.

In other news, the cabled square for the SSP that I ripped out:

green square cabled

It's lovely, but far too big and used up far too much yarn. We're dealing with limited amounts of yarn and time, here, and it was simply too much of both. Switched to simple texture stitch patterns and some lace (but not too lacy, I hope), and am now able to get three 10x10 squares out of two skeins of the Plymouth Encore worsted. Held double, in this case, hence the size of them horshoe cables. Not quite life-sized, but too close for this project.

Isosceles liked the square, too. She claimed it, with her butt:

green square isosceles

It's something cats tend to do. And then she gnawed on the yarn. I can't blame her much...it's not bad, as acrylic/wool blends go.

isosceles has a square and yarns

(In the background, dishcloths cowering in terror.)

Speaking of dishcloths....

dishcloths doing what they do

In their natural habitat, a dirty sink. (Their natural habitat OUGHT to be a clean sink, but you work with what you have.) The multi-colored orange/green/yellow one still had its strings hanging out, but it has since been put to very good use. You can see it shivering at the mounds and mounds of dishes (offscreen) waiting to be washed.


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